Each of these items are created in my little light-filled garden studio on the River Lea on the outskirts of London. I design, pattern cut and fit, then make up each garment using carefully sourced textiles and high quality notions. Pairing minimal silhouettes with playful details and fanciful twists, I gravitate towards dark and neutral colours and incorporate hand finishing into all of my pieces.

As a teenage wannabe punk I dabbled in seamstressing, cobbling together faux fur dresses and sewing zippers into the seams of my trousers. I was first drawn to bespoke tailoring when I moved to London in 2011. I enrolled in an east London college that offered a specialist tailoring program, and then briefly went on to Savile Row to learn trouser making. As I whiled away the hours stitching by hand in the basement workroom, I daydreamed of all the things I wanted to make and wear. I felt restricted by tradition but absorbed by the romance and methodology of the craft, and the functionality and longevity of the garments.

My aim is to find the balance between traditional and modern methods of making, in order to craft expressive, durable clothing that can be worn with ease in every day life.

I am inspired by travel to complicated places, gothic literature, French New Wave films, subculture and spending time in nature.